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Name of servicePrice, UAH
Honey 0,145 kg, 0,290 kg, 0,725 kg and 1,450 kgstarting from 50
Homemade honey tinctures 0,25 l, 0,5 l та 1 lstarting from 110

Tinctures of propolis, bee stings, wax moth larvae 50/100 g

starting from 100
Wax candles for warmth and lightstarting from 50
Propolis, waxstarting from 50
Jam from different fruit. Cherry, currant, quincestarting from 40
Homemade winestarting from 90

Camping and Picnic

Name of servicePrice, UAH
Auto B, Trailer B, Tent100
Each person is daylight / day40/100
Kitchen (for one crew on the campsite)300
Washing machine150
Skewers, mesh, cauldron
Electricity connection up to 3 kW30/hour
Gazebo improved600
Table in the hall400
Hall rent1500
Hall with barbecue or stage2000
Usage of the kitchen when ordering a gazebo or hall1500

Excursion to the apiary

Name of servicePrice, UAH
Excursion to the apiary - a story about the life of bees and the work of the beekeeper,
suits, access to hives in good weather up to 5 people
every person over 5200
Tea party in the apiary for up to 5 people350
Sleep on hives 3 hours/night
Observation of the honey extraction process, person (by appointment)

Other attractions

Name of servicePrice, UAH
Trip in a tractor 15/30 minutes maximum 25 people minimum 5 adults500/950
Master class by appointment, minimum 10 people.

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